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MEA Programs 2021 - 2022 Season

The Music Educators Association of NJ is proud to present the following world-class musicians and pedagogues at our monthly General Meetings. Music lovers, MEA members and their guests are cordially invited to attend these meetings and stay to enjoy the programs.

October 21, 2021
Barbara Landi House - Music She Wrote, Discovering Women Composers
Members of the Annual Piano Competition committee will be presenting music from the 2022 Annual Piano Competition Syllabus, “Discovering Women Composers”. Biographies will be given and selections of their music for piano, voice, and other instruments will be featured to show the diversity and depth of these talented but overlooked composers.
The 52nd MEA-NJ Annual Piano Competition Syllabus

November 18, 2021
Claudia Knafo - Piano Gems from the Southern Hemisphere
Latin America boasts a rich catalogue of music informed by a colorful mix of indigenous, folkloric and classical traditions. This program will focus primarily on the piano music of Ecuador with a few “guest composers” from this hemisphere. Pieces range from beginning piano to   advanced; some of these works are pedagogic gems.
Claudia Knafo Website

January 20, 2022
Peter Takács Rhythm: The Heartbeat of Music.
Peter will explore various aspects of musical time, such as tempo, meter. pulse, and phrasing, with musical examples from our great piano repertoire.
Peter Takacs Website

February 17, 2022
Kathleen Supove- Pandemic Postdate: Return to Romanticism and the Eclectic
As we come out of isolation and grief, we seek the open hearts of others and long to share our own inner moods. We've rediscovered music as a vehicle for this, infusing it with comforting sounds and ingredients from all parts of our lives and cultures. The works presented will explore and represent that shift in thinking and our current musical preoccupations.
Kathleen Supove Website

March 17, 2022
Eduardus Halim - Teachers’ Master Class

April 21, 2022
Victor Rosenbaum - What It Takes to Make Music and the Role of Inspiration
Much of piano performance and teaching is visually based: we play what we see. To interpret the works of the masters much more is needed.  How do we keep the ear, heart and mind involved in order to deepen our interpretations and make our performances more truthful and compelling?
Victor Rosenbaum New England Conservatory Website

May 19, 2022
Adam Kent - Mozart in Vienna: The Fantasy and Sonata in C Minor, K. 475/457
"Mozart in Vienna" explores unifying elements between the Fantasy and Sonata in C Minor, ornamentation in the music of Mozart, the history behind the work's composition, and the musical features which make it unique in the composer's output.
Adam Kent Website

June 9, 2022
Douglas Humphreys - Young Artist Master Class
Douglas Humphreys Eastman School of Music Website