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Annual Piano Competition

This MEA annual piano competition is designed for the more serious, self-motivated student who is interested in acquiring top-notch performing experience. It is a competition that rewards musicianship and artistry, and celebrates piano-playing at its finest. Each year it carries a new theme with required repertoire tied to age. It is open to students age 7 through 18, although younger students may play at the age 7 level. The required repertoire must be memorized, except for ensemble categories. Please see the Competition Syllabus found on your Member Homepage for complete age and repertoire requirements.

Please check our Calendar for dates and locations. Details are also available on the interactive registration form.

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Rules and Regulations


Age/residency Repertoire Dress Code

No jeans, T-shirts, sneakers or any casual attire.

Competition Awards/Winners' Recital How To Enter
For more information contact Co-chairs, Barbara Landi Hause & Anna Katznelson: