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The Music Educators Association of NJ is a non-profit organization of private piano teachers founded in 1927. Our mission is to raise the standards of private music teaching throughout New Jersey, while encouraging musical excellence and instilling a love of music in our students. To achieve these goals, we provide continuing education opportunities for our member teachers through monthly lectures, workshops, recitals and master classes. For our students, we offer auditions, competitions, recitals, scholarships and master classes given by artist teachers. Our current President is Nancy Modell, 2016-2019. Messages from the President can be found under Membership on the main menu.

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If you do not have students performing in a recital but would still like to attend one of these great programs, please always check with Chair, Yudit Terry, on the time of the reictal(s).  Though we normally run two recitals, one at 2:00, and one at 3:15, sometimes only the 2:00 recital is scheduled if there is not enough enrollment to fill two programs. (We wouldn't want you showing up for a 3:15 rectial that is not scheduled.)

Yudit is doing a great job  for her first year of taking on this big job as Chair.  If any member would like to run a recital or help with making programs, please contact Yudit at:

HONORS RECITALS, Oodles of Talent!

The Honors Recitals held on Sunday, November 13th at the Randolph Performing Arts Center were a great success. Please stay tuned for the Highlights that will be posted very soon!  Many thanks to Chair, Marlene Lippman and her committee for doing another fantastic job! 


The deadline to enter your students in the Annual Piano Competition is January 15th and not February 1st as noted in the September Glissando.

The actual Annual Piano Competition held at NJ City University is taking place March 5th, not March 12th as noted in the September Glissando.

The venue and date for the Winners' Recital have now been confirmed and are as follows: March 19th at the Concert Hall at Drew University at 2 P.M.

The new registration forms will be available from our website by December 1st.

For more information contact the competition co-chairs, Barbara Landi Hause and Anna Katznelson at

 Creative Composing: 
Embracing Creativity, Nurturing Musicality 

Nancy Modell has explored ways to introduce composition to students of all levels, and has presented her approach at various teachers’ forums, including the SAA, NAfME, and NJMEA, and, most recently, in a workshop for MSU music majors. Her private students have succeeded in composition competitions in the USA and internationally.

This presentation will embolden piano teachers with ideas and practical tools to help students realize their creative impulse to compose. Attendees will discover that all children can compose and this activity is enjoyable and enriching for both student and teacher.  Teachers will explore their comfort zones for developing their students’ creativity, imagination and musical storytelling.  Teachers will learn concepts for integrating composition into lessons and adapting their approach to each individual student’s performance and reading level, thus making self-expression through composition a gratifying and joyous experience. Attendees will be inspired and ready to ‘try this at home!" 

Nancy Modell, an Ithaca College School of Music graduate in piano performance and education, is a Suzuki piano teacher and Suzuki Teacher Trainer. Nancy pioneered the Suzuki Piano method in Israel in the 1980s where she taught students and trained local piano teachers in Jerusalem. Since 1992 she has been teaching in her Springfield, NJ studio, inspiring students to reach their potential through innovative learning opportunities, including original composition, music events and field trips. Under a MTNA Teacher Enrichment Grant, Nancy studied how to employ the Taubman Approach to enhance Suzuki Piano Pedagogy.  She has trained Suzuki piano teachers in college courses, Suzuki Summer Institutes, and privately.  She is an Assistant Director of the New Jersey Suzuki Workshop and President of the MEA-NJ.

The Four Arts of Music: A New Paradigm for Music Education

Read the highlights from this great

Someone with command of a language can talk, tell stories, read, and write. Likewise, a whole musician can improvise (speak spontaneously), arrange (restate traditional themes in a personal way), read and interpret the compositions of others, and compose (write musical essays).

Modern music pedagogy is focused on the art of interpreting, usually to the exclusion of the other three arts. To become fully expressive in music, we need all four arts. 

In this presentation, Forrest Kinney will give an overview of the Four Arts of Music and how to learn them and teach them. He will demonstrate ways to include all the arts in the weekly piano lesson and use the various arts as vehicles for teaching technique and theory in musical, creative ways.  If time allows, he will also touch on techniques of creative practicing.

Forrest Kinney, NCTM, (Nationally Certified Teacher of Music designated by the Music Teachers National Association), teacher of music for nearly four decades, has built a multifaceted career: pianist, performer, composer, arranger, instructor (individual and class instruction and workshops), and public speaker. 

Forrest Kinney’s goal is to help others become creative, complete musicians capable of fully enjoying the Four Arts of Music: improvising, arranging, composing, and interpreting. He has conducted hundreds of workshops, master classes, and teaching demonstrations in addition to having presented concerts and lectures for music educators at major conferences in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.  His speaking topics include The Four Arts, (his most frequent subject), performance anxiety, piano technique, songwriting, the history of music, and creative practicing.

Forrest authored nineteen books on music and creativity, and has written articles for such publications as American Music Teacher, Clavier Companion, and Music Matters. He composed hundreds of songs and piano pieces. In addition, his arrangements for the piano and a variety of instruments are included in 40 publications by Frederick Harris Music. Also an inventor, he was awarded a U.S. Patent for a new kind of computer key system.

 For more details see

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