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The Music Educators Association of NJ is a non-profit organization of private piano teachers founded in 1927. Our mission is to raise the standards of private music teaching throughout New Jersey, while encouraging musical excellence and instilling a love of music in our students. To achieve these goals, we provide continuing education opportunities for our member teachers through monthly lectures, workshops, recitals and master classes. For our students, we offer auditions, competitions, recitals, scholarships and master classes given by artist teachers. Our current President is Joan Bujacich, 2013-16. Messages from the President can be found under Membership on the main menu.

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Celebrating 85 Years + of Music Excellence

Message From President

What a fantastic start to the 2014-15 season! In September we were able to launch, as scheduled, many new functions on the MEA website, including an entire new private member only section! In early September members began using the new website features, beginning with renewing their memberships online. It was quite exciting to see this all actually unfold as planned. Membership was followed by the Honors Recital, the first actual event that was offering interactive online registration. Serving as our test for other programs, this too passed with flying colors. Both the applicants and the workers on the receiving end of the process reported "smooth sailing!" Click Here to read the full message.

January 15, 2015

Noam Sivan
Teaching the art of improvisation

"Noam Sivan is an extraordinary musician. His improvisations have brilliance inventiveness, and inner logic that are quite amazing."
- Richard Goode

In this lecture-demonstration, pianist-composer Noam Sivan will present several ways in which elements of improvisation can enhance the study of a musical instrument, starting with young beginners all the way to advanced pre-professionals.

February 19, 2015

Mia Chung
Schumann's Papillions
and its relationship to lieder

Mia Chung, a prize winning performing artist with an impressive career, serves on the Interpretive Analysis faculty of the Curtis Inst i tute. She has performed in solo reci tals and as concerto soloist in major concert halls in the United States and internationally. She is a former member of the Lincoln Center Chamber Music Society II. Her recordings, particularly of Schumann, have been well received. Her former teachers include Peter Serkin and Boris Berman. This promises to be a fascinating program. More information here.


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In my studio, I expect students to take four lessons a month; I reschedule lessons when necessary. Recently, some parents have decided to cancel one or more of those four lessons for their own reasons. Then they insist that they pay only for those lessons they want to attend. How do I get paid for my loss of income, since I reserved that unused lesson time for their child?

Deadline - March 15.

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Seymour: An Introduction
(Ethan Hawke)

FEBRUARY 9, 2015
Bellevue Theater, Montclair
7:30 P.M.

Tickets are now available!
Order ASAP before this event sells out. To get the promo code for the special rate, email:

The Montclair Film Festival will be showing the critically acclaimed film about 2013 MEA Lifetime Achievement award and long time celebrated member, Seymour Bernstein, at the Bellevue Theater in Montclair on Monday evening, February 9th at 7:30 P.M. Joan Bujacich, MEA President, initiated the conversation with the film festival and their genuine interest resulted in making this event a reality. The Montclair Film Festival is graciously providing MEA members a chance to purchase tickets at a special rate of $12.00 before they go on sale to the general public. If you are not able to reserve your tickets on time for the special offer, you may still be able to purchase tickets from their website: It is expected to sell out, so try to purchase early to assure yourself a seat.

Seymour will be giving what is known in the industry as a "Talk Back". They also are still trying to get Ethan Hawke to attend and join Seymour in the talk back. We may not know if this comes to be until the night of the screening!

The MEA is very grateful to The Montclair Film Festival for offering this special screening to the MEA. A special shout out goes to Evelyn Colbert, with out her this would not have come to fruition. They organized this especially for us and they are also sending a driver for Seymour! Their generosity and professionalism is most appreciated. This promises to be a most special evening, hope to see you there!

This offer is subject to change, ticket availability is time sensitive since this event is expected to sell out.

NOVEMBER 20: Marcia Maull and Joan Bujacich


At the November General Meeting, Marcia Maull and Joan Bujacich presented the newly updated, revised, and expanded MEA Theory Program, the result of their years of collaboration. The 2014 edition has an extended syllabus carefully coordinated with MEA Audition achievement levels. Marcia and Joan worked together on a regular basis, inventing exercises, refreshing exercises, and creating new material. Read all about the presentation here.

DECEMBER 11: Jed Distler at The Steinway Gallery

Composers At the Keyboard
A Fresh Look At An Old Tradition.

Jed Distler, composer, pianist, and writer, gave a wonderful presentation on December 11 at The Steinway Gallery in Paramus. MEA members were treated to hearing obscure old recordings from cylinders and 78's. Some of the performances included Grieg playing Grieg, Lukas Foss playing Bach, Rachmaninoff and Bartok playing Chopin. Mr. Distler's charming and engaging personality made for a most inspiring and thought provoking presentation. Read the highlights written by Lisa Gonzalez under For Members/ Highlights here.


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