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The Music Educators Association of NJ is a non-profit organization of private piano teachers founded in 1927. Our mission is to raise the standards of private music teaching throughout New Jersey, while encouraging musical excellence and instilling a love of music in our students. To achieve these goals, we provide continuing education opportunities for our member teachers through monthly lectures, workshops, recitals and master classes. For our students, we offer auditions, competitions, recitals, scholarships and master classes given by artist teachers. Our current President is Joan Bujacich, 2013-16. Messages from the President can be found under Membership on the main menu.

We invite you to browse our website and discover the exciting world of music MEA offers. Please note that hyperlinks are noted in Bold Red and when clicked will bring you directly to related pages or forms.

 Nov. General Meeting
Nov. Student Recitals
Location Change 

The November 19 General Meeting and the November 22 Student Recitals will be held at Elefante Music in New Providence, 1790 Springfield Avenue. The Madison Library's Chase Auditorium will not be available to us on those dates due to construction work.

(Change of Venue) 

Award winning pianist and scholar of 20th century piano music by Hungarian composers, Ms. Eder, an outstanding advocate of Béla Bartók, discusses his piano music.

*This meeting will begin at 9:45 A.M. and will be held at Elefante Music, 1790 Springfield Avenue in New Providence. Refreshments will be served following the presentation. A limited amount of music will be sold at a good discount from Elefante Music! 

March 6, 2016 - Annual Piano Competition
Syllabus Updates

Age 12 Solo:  In the volume- A HANDEL ANTHOLOGY- (FJH Classic Editions) the title is FANTASIA IN C Major, HWV 490.  

Age  7/8 Duo: Minuet from Mozart's Symphony in E flat or Mozart Minuet from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, arr. by Mark Nevin is acceptable. 

re: The date of March 13 published in the September-December Glissando for the Annual Piano Competition held at Jersey City University was incorrect. The correct date is March 6, 2016 and the deadline for registration has been changed to January 15, 2016.

You can download the revised syllabus from your Member Homepage.

Questions?  Please contact:

What you may have missed?
October 15, James Irsay

James Irsay's presentation was nothing short of brilliant! The pianist and award winning broadcaster spoke on the interpretive approaches of musicians from the late 19th and early 20th centuries as preserved in their recordings. If you missed this wonderful presentation, you will still be able to read about it on our Highlight Page.  Be sure to check out his weekly radio show on WBAI:

What you may have missed?

Delicious Success 

If you didn't realize it already, many pianists are wonderful bakers and chefs! The MEA Potluck Luncheon on October 15 was fun, festive and tasty! Thank you to the members who cooked, baked and  donated to the success of this wonderful event. A special thank you to our luncheon hostess, Rebecca Eng, for taking care of all the details and special touches!

What you may have missed?
September 17, Competition Committee Presentation 

The Competition Committee did a wonderful job presenting the music for the 2016 Annual Piano Competition at the September 17 meeting. The theme for the 2016 Annual Piano Competition is "Sonatas and Sonatinas" and you can still download a syllabus from your Member Homepage. The committee announced that the Winners' Recital will be held at a new location, The Concert Hall at Drew University, Madison, NJ and not at Jersey City University. Also note that it is two weeks after the actual competition so winners will have time to invite more guests. Great job Competition Committee!

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Responses to the current question on What strategies can teachers use to get parents involved in their children's piano studies appeared in the September Glissando on page 11. Thanks to the many teachers who shared their great ideas on this topic. 


Additional responses on the topic of parental involvement or on past forum topics may be considered for inclusion in the next Glissando.

Look for the responses to this current topic in the January 2016, Glissando: "What method books do you find best for beginners?"


You will acquire a sense of great pride when you join in the journey of tracing MEA's rich early history.  Created  for the MEA's 85th Anniversary, Joan Bujacich shares this movie with all on Youtube. Just click on the link and be sure to watch in full screen! The Golden Years Part 1 - A History of The Music Educator's Association of NJ from 1920's - 1960.

Also, click Here to read the latest message from President, Joan Bujacich.


If you have not set up your Member Homepage, please do so soon. Please refer to the tutorial on page 14 of the January/April Glissando. If you still have questions after reading the tutorial, contact: Website Coordinator.

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